Welcome to Accounting Center’s documentation!

The Accounting Center (API) aims to provide a stable rest interface for accounting resource usage of clusters and private clouds and managing users of a group/tenant. The idea is that users authenticate on the service using an LDAP compliant account, and can see their own resource usage, and group resource usage. If users are group administrators, they can add/remove users from the group.

In some magical way to be defined (probably with a couple of hacky scripts and cron), cluster controllers and cloud controllers will regularly update resource usage using a service account. These controllers will also check (and modify) existing group structures within their respective systems.

Installing the package

You need python 3.5 or higher to run this package. The package can be installed using pip install acpy.

Using the cli

Our package is self contained, so you can start and stop the server using the cli. Simply calling acpy start starts a development server for the API. When running in production we recommend using gevent.


This CLI allows you to manage the Accounting Center API, this service will run in the background. The service is started direct by default (don’t do this in production, use gevent). Check your config file for settings, the default location is in your home folder under ~/.acpy/api.config.
-c, --config-file TEXT
 Specify configuration file path (creates if not exists)
-v, --verbosity LVL
--help Show this message and exit.


acpy start [OPTIONS]

start api
-g, --gevent use gevent as server
-u, --ui enable swagger ui (url/api/v1/ui)
-d, --debug enable debug mode
-f, --force force start ignoring recorded state
--help Show this message and exit.


acpy stop [OPTIONS]

stop api
-f, --force kill instead of terminate
--help Show this message and exit.


acpy info [OPTIONS]

rest service information
--help Show this message and exit.

info output will have the following information:

  • gevent : started as gevent
  • ui : enabled or not
  • debug : enabled or not
  • pid : process id

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